Being Proactive Pays Off

by elizabethsfrank 27. May 2014 09:45
Being Proactive Pays Off SPONSORED BLOG By Kimberly Silvestri, President and CEO of Silvestri Services When working with our elderly family members, it pays to be proactive rather than reactive. Waiting for a crisis to occur creates unnecessary stress. Planning early for long term care with your loved ones using Care Management, helps you become more prepared for the future and helps you make more informed decisions. We are constantly reminded to make major life decisions when things are stable and calm; however, most families wait until a crisis occurs with their elder parent or relativ... [More]

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Referrals from the TLB Community

by elizabethsfrank 27. May 2014 09:12
Tired of scouring the web for a referrals that is local and accountable? Each Week the Legal Balance gets requests and suggestions for business, parent related, and miscellaneous referrals. Scroll through the wide range of categories here to get access to where our community is talking about and reviewing the go to places and products in Chicago! Take a peek for a reference, your own suggestions, or start your own conversation and help make our community grow.   Babysitters: YMCA American Nanny and Home Care Food Delivery: CJK Foods Job Recruiters: Leanne Berry of Momcorps Alla... [More]

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The Firm Gossip?!

by elizabethsfrank 15. May 2014 17:01
Dear Jane, My mentor, with whom I have a great relationship, recently took me out to lunch to tell me that I've developed the reputation of being a "gossip". I was barely able to keep from crying at the time and now thinking about it makes me so angry it almost brings me to tears. Sincerely, I Want to Find Out Who Started that Rumor Dear I Want to Find Out Who Started that Rumor, Time for some honest introspection. Are you a gossip? If you are a gossip, stop it immediately. If you can honestly say you are not a gossip, then you need to talk to your mentor about why you are being perceived... [More]

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Joining In the Firm Gossip Sessions

by elizabethsfrank 15. May 2014 16:54
Dear Jane, I am very excited to be a new member, and the only woman, on a client team for one of the most important partners in my practice group. At team meetings, part of the way we "bond" is by sharing firm gossip. The comments can get very vicious and make me feel uncomfortable. I really need to have the rest of the team feel like I "fit" in to get good assignments. Sincerely, Do I Need to Join In And Trash Other Attorneys At The Firm?   Dear Do I Need to Join In And Trash Other Attorneys At the Firm? You've already stated that you are over your comfort line. While I always enco... [More]

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Dear Jane

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