Women Must 'Unlearn' Classroom Skills to Suceed at Work

by msullivan12 30. January 2014 15:47
This article claims that being a “good girl” in school is a dramatically different attitude than that of what needs to be taken in the workforce. "So much of women playing bigger is really about learning about how to be out of our comfort zone, have fear flowing through our veins [and] have a little adrenaline going because we're out of the status quo and familiar." Read (and watch) more:


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The Part of Parenting We're too Scared to Talk About

by msullivan12 30. January 2014 15:35
It is not uncommon for rage from an exterior source to build up and explode after the kids misbehave a little bit. Blogger and mother of three, Wendy Bradford, is relatable in describing the embarrassing moments when mothers loose it after a minor incident.   Read more


Girl Talk

by msullivan12 30. January 2014 15:32
Be prepared with a well-formulated viewpoint on gender issues should the topic come up. While it is necessary to discuss, refraining from being condescending towards those who don’t understand as well is also imperative.   Read more


Cool Down Quick

by msullivan12 30. January 2014 15:29
Find relief regardless of if you have 10 minutes to distress or an hour. Read more


Busy Mom/Lawyer Fashion

by msullivan12 30. January 2014 15:25
It is hard for busy moms to keep up with kids and the work schedule, much less fashion trends. Outlined in this article is a quick update on the basics needed to protect hardworking mothers and professionals from the elements of life. Check out great, easy looks on the Busy Mom Fashion Pintrest page! Great inspiration for simple, thrown-together outfits. Take a look at Lawyer Fashion, which presents unique, professional outfits that beat the business-suit blahs. The Forbes Style File outlines everything from how to update plain outfits to reasoning if plaid skirts are acceptable in the of... [More]


Of Lawyers and Lovers

by msullivan12 30. January 2014 15:20
Working in a demanding field can often intersect with priorities in relationships. Kendra Brodin, a career coach for lawyers claims, “While we are often strong communicators in the courtroom or negotiation tables, we aren’t always the best at communicating with those we care about the most.” In this article, she gives suggestions on how to keep passion alive in relationships alive while remaining passionate for law. Continue Reading


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First Female Law Firm Opens in Saudi Arabia

by msullivan12 14. January 2014 16:30
Remember how precious our law degree is when you think of the sisterhood in Saudi Arabia. The first female law firm opens in Saudi Arabia ready to fight for the rights of Saudi women and relate women’s cases to the court. Let’s applaud the strong Saudi women who are fighting for basic rights. Read more here...


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Time with Kids vs. Time at Work

by msullivan12 11. December 2013 14:01
This study from the Pew-Research Center supports that there is no tougher (or better!) job than being a parent. Although the work is reported to be more tiring, the meaningfulness soars much higher than tasks at work. See what else the statistics say here

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Top 5 Bars for Networking in Chicago

by msullivan12 11. December 2013 13:33
It's time for some holiday cheer! Bars for networking? Yes, please! See why these 5 bars are ideal for expanding your network on casual terms and are suited for a wide-variety of ages. Read more...


Mentoring, Networking & Business Development

Simplify the Season

by msullivan12 10. December 2013 15:30
Stressed about how you are going to write cards, pick out elaborate gifts, and lose weight before seeing loved ones all in the next three weeks? Remember that the holidays are about love, not perfection with these grounding suggestions. Read More


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