Keep Quiet About an Offensive Comment?

by admin 10. June 2014 10:15
Dear Jane, I was recently at a firm lunch and one of the partners in the group I was chatting with before lunch made an "awkward" comment that offended me as a woman. I did not do anything at the time, nor did anyone else. First thing I did when lunch was over was go to see my best friend at the firm and tell him about the comment. Sincerely, Wish I Had Said Something  Dear Wish I Had Said Something, You did say something; you made sure your friend knew about the comment. Unless you talked to your friend to get the courage to "report" the comment to the office managing partner, your ... [More]

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The Firm Gossip?!

by elizabethsfrank 15. May 2014 17:01
Dear Jane, My mentor, with whom I have a great relationship, recently took me out to lunch to tell me that I've developed the reputation of being a "gossip". I was barely able to keep from crying at the time and now thinking about it makes me so angry it almost brings me to tears. Sincerely, I Want to Find Out Who Started that Rumor Dear I Want to Find Out Who Started that Rumor, Time for some honest introspection. Are you a gossip? If you are a gossip, stop it immediately. If you can honestly say you are not a gossip, then you need to talk to your mentor about why you are being perceived... [More]

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Joining In the Firm Gossip Sessions

by elizabethsfrank 15. May 2014 16:54
Dear Jane, I am very excited to be a new member, and the only woman, on a client team for one of the most important partners in my practice group. At team meetings, part of the way we "bond" is by sharing firm gossip. The comments can get very vicious and make me feel uncomfortable. I really need to have the rest of the team feel like I "fit" in to get good assignments. Sincerely, Do I Need to Join In And Trash Other Attorneys At The Firm?   Dear Do I Need to Join In And Trash Other Attorneys At the Firm? You've already stated that you are over your comfort line. While I always enco... [More]

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My Mentor is Leaving!

by admin 14. May 2014 05:36
Dear Jane, My mentor, with whom I thought I had a great relationship, just announced that he is leaving the firm and going to another firm in the city. I am devastated and feel like he's betrayed me. Sincerely, Why Do I Do Now?   Dear What Do I Do Now? Nothing you told me indicates that your mentor betrayed you, he just made the decision that another firm's platform is a better match for him and his practice. You don't indicate whether you work with him, but remember that there may be ethical issues with talking to an associate about changing firms while he is still a partner of you... [More]


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What is Proper Vacation Etiquette? I'm Lost Please Help.

by admin 21. August 2013 15:55
Dear Jane,

I have a vacation planned for next month. I will still be working on a big matter. I plan to work while on vacation, albeit remotely. Do I need to tell the others on my team about my vacation?


They Probably Won’t Notice [More]

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Can I Tell Junior Attorneys to Put Their Phones Away?

by Emily George 15. August 2013 13:48
Dear Jane, Some of our junior attorneys don't understand that texting in a meeting is rude. How do I bring it up to them? Would I be out of line if I brought it up/am I the one in the wrong? Sincerely, Put-Your-Phone-Away [More]

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Dear Jane

Running a Tight Schedule

by admin 27. June 2013 15:58
Dear Jane, The weather is getting nicer, and I’d love to take advantage of it. I’m thinking about joining a running club, but I’m afraid that I’ll miss more runs than I’ll make. Am I crazy to even consider this activity?
Still Don’t Have Much Control Over My Time [More]

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Making the Most of Summer Social Events

by admin 20. June 2013 15:53
Dear Jane, The firm seems to have more social events during the summer than any other time of the year. Is it really necessary to make an appearance at all of them? These People Are Not My Friends [More]

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Dear Jane: I'm Stuck Doing First-Year Work

by admin 13. June 2013 15:47
Dear Jane,

The firm isn’t hiring the same number of new attorneys anymore, so it seems like I’m stuck doing the junior-level tasks. There is no one to whom I can delegate. How do I get an opportunity to develop some more skills?

Still Doing First-Year Work [More]

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Dear Jane: Face-Time Faux Pas

by admin 30. May 2013 06:00
Dear Jane, I walked into a team meeting yesterday, and the partner on the matter sarcastically asked, “Do you still work here?” I was taken aback and did not respond, but the comment is eating at me. My hours are good, and everyone loves my work, so it must be based on my lack of “face time” in the office. What should I do? Signed, I’m Not As Productive Working in the Office [More]

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