Money Lessons for Kids at Any Age

by msullivan12 19. November 2013 19:03
As adults, some of us still spend money on things we don’t need or can’t truly afford, so how can we teach our kids any better? Take tips form Forbes’s article to ensure your children grow up to be money savvy. 

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How do I Tell My Firm I'm Ready to Start a Family?

by admin 12. November 2013 21:03
Dear Jane, I just started working at a big firm a couple months ago.  My husband and I want to start a family.  I’m worried that if I get pregnant quickly, I will hurt my credibility at my new employer. Sincerely, My Biological Clock Is Ticking Dear My Biological Clock Is Ticking, First, you should have a child when it is the right time for you to have a child; however, you personally define “the right time.”  Second, you are wise to be concerned about the perceptions by others of your commitment, especially when you haven’t been there long enough to... [More]

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Dear Jane

Get the Best ROI on Your Time: Process vs. Personal Control

by dsnider 25. October 2013 11:27
How much time do you spend adjusting document margins and spacing rather than actually writing the document? Or doing other tasks you add little value to that could be better handled by someone with different skills or by a reusable process or tool? Listen to Debra Snider as she tells us how relinquishing personal control over tasks you aren't the best person to handle will not only improve results, but also give you the best ROI on your own time and efforts. [More]

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Debra Snider | Suit Yourself

When Mom Travels for Work

by admin 18. October 2013 14:02
Being a working mom is hard enough, imagine adding travelling to the mix! Read as Julie Weed presents various perspectives from travelling moms. These moms have mastered the art of work-life balance, tackling the real demands of their work while still making time to Facetime their kids every night. You may not be a travelling mom yourself, but who knows, maybe you can learn some pointers for that ever-so-distant vacation you have been planning. [More]

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Phil Krone: Obstacles & Accomplishments

by dortenberg 11. October 2013 13:00
 SPONSORED CONTENT  August: I’ve been fortunate to have faced only two major obstacles in my life, one health issue and one major business challenge.  The health issue came years ago when I was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is often fatal. Even though I accepted the reality of the diagnosis, I never believed it would be fatal for me. Perhaps this was blind optimism but it helped me keep focused in a positive way and helped me encourage my family and the other people central to my life who depend on me. My faith played a big part in responding to this challenge.... [More]

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Maximum Satisfaction and Minimum Frustration: The Secrets to True Balance

by admin 18. July 2013 13:34
You can achieve the balance you want if you recognize that you have the right, the ability, and the responsibility to define and then construct for yourself a life that works. Other people can make demands on your time, but only you can control how you allocate it. So why not allocate it—consciously, intentionally, and without fail—to the activities that will move you closer to achieving the balance you crave? [More]

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Debra Snider | Suit Yourself

Running a Tight Schedule

by admin 27. June 2013 15:58
Dear Jane, The weather is getting nicer, and I’d love to take advantage of it. I’m thinking about joining a running club, but I’m afraid that I’ll miss more runs than I’ll make. Am I crazy to even consider this activity?
Still Don’t Have Much Control Over My Time [More]

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