SEO for Lawyers: 4 Tips to Get New Clients Through Your Website

by admin 22. January 2014 02:46
BY KRISTI KELLOGG Before you hire that contractor or web designer to work on search engine optimization for your business site, take a look at Kristi's four tips. She tells us about four do-it-yourself ways you can improve your site's traffic, and surprisingly, the big secret lies very close to home, literally. Make some moves and make your business more accessible than you every though it could be!  Check out her tips!

Lessons From Female Rainmakers

by admin 12. November 2013 14:38
By LORELEI LAIRD This article quotes, “Most U.S. firms still have a small percentage of female rainmakers, despite the near gender parity in law school graduation classes.” Start changing the game with Lessons from Female Rainmakers. Making an effort to make yourself memorable, for example, by spotlighting your individuality, you will reel in potential clients and pave the way towards becoming a powerful female rainmaker. Want to hear more? Click here to read on.

Sitting at the Table Means Digging In, Too

by admin 1. August 2013 15:37
In this week's "Life on the Lattice," Leslee Cohen writes why it matters so much to "sit at the table," including digging in to the business and money end of your firm. [More]


Leslee Cohen | Life on the Lattice

It's Never Too Early to Think About Generating Business

by admin 19. July 2013 13:21
It's more difficult to generate business if you put off getting started. Nicole Auerbach discusses why it's so important to start early. [More]

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Insights from the Corner Office | Nicole Auerbach

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