How Can I Get More Stand Up Roles?

by admin 6. January 2014 10:05
Dear Jane, During my last review, I was told that I need more “stand up” roles.  Ever since then I’ve been asking for “stand up” roles and I’ve yet to get any. Sincerely, Is This A Message?   Dear Is This A Message, How are you asking? Are you sending the same email once a week? If so, I’m not surprised that isn’t working. Instead, figure out (1) who is the most likely partner in the department to have stand up roles in a matter he/she is working on, and (2) among those partners, with whom do you have the best relationship? Make a... [More]


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Make Time for Mentoring

by admin 25. November 2013 22:09
By LAURA STACK Think mentoring is a one-way street? Read this article to see how taking on a green individual interested in gaining experience can be beneficial for the both of you. Click here to keep reading

Negotiating Compensation Guide

by admin 12. November 2013 11:40
Take tips from experienced women about seizing the compensation you deserve in a way that translates well with your firm. The Negotiating Compensation Guide outlines what to do in a few simple steps. [More]

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Phil Krone: Obstacles & Accomplishments

by dortenberg 11. October 2013 13:00
 SPONSORED CONTENT  August: I’ve been fortunate to have faced only two major obstacles in my life, one health issue and one major business challenge.  The health issue came years ago when I was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is often fatal. Even though I accepted the reality of the diagnosis, I never believed it would be fatal for me. Perhaps this was blind optimism but it helped me keep focused in a positive way and helped me encourage my family and the other people central to my life who depend on me. My faith played a big part in responding to this challenge.... [More]

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If Law Firm Mentoring is Gone, What's a Young Lawyer to Do?

by admin 5. September 2013 13:11
The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog writer Ashby Jones wrote this article on how mentoring is disappearing with the growing "mentoring gap." Jones asks, "So what's the takeaway for the younger associate who actually wants to make partner at a big firm? How does a 28-year-old use the law firm experience to prepare herself to make the leap to the in-house world when folks aren't exactly going to drop everything to show her how to be a better lawyer?" Click here to read on!

What is Proper Vacation Etiquette? I'm Lost Please Help.

by admin 21. August 2013 15:55
Dear Jane,

I have a vacation planned for next month. I will still be working on a big matter. I plan to work while on vacation, albeit remotely. Do I need to tell the others on my team about my vacation?


They Probably Won’t Notice [More]

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Talk a Good Game

by admin 24. July 2013 12:22
Melanie Berkowitz writes about a time when speaking up and challenging a partner helped her stop thinking like a law student—and start thinking like a lawyer. [More]

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It's Not About What You Want—It's About Why You Want It

by admin 26. June 2013 10:36
Debra knew a partner who loved bringing in new clients for his firm. But it wasn't the resulting revenue or prominence that made this so satisfying; this lawyer was motivated by the thrill of the hunt.

Might seem like a small difference, but knowing the "why" is a big part of success. As Debra tell us: "my former partner is not someone who should prioritize making money for the firm or even doing legal work for the client. He should prioritize the hunt. The more time he spends seeking new clients and honing his hunting skills, the happier he will be and the more clients he will get. He might be just as satisfied hunting new customers for a business as new clients for his law firm. He might also find satisfaction in becoming a safari photographer or even an actual hunter." [More]

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Dear Jane: How Do I Find a Mentor?

by 352admin 28. February 2013 13:43
Dear Jane, I want a mentor. What do I do – just walk up to someone and say, “Will you be my mentor?” Signed, Mentor-less [More]

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Dear Jane: My Mentor's Just Not Into Me

by 352admin 28. February 2013 13:29
Dear Jane, I have a mentor who was assigned to me through the firm’s formal mentoring program. My mentor has never called me. Signed, Hoping and Waiting [More]

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