Networking in a New City

by admin 25. November 2013 21:49
When you move to an unfamiliar city and literally don’t know a soul, unconventional methods of branching out may need to be taken. Don’t let the challenge of being in a new city prevent you from the new people and new opportunities that await. Click here to read on

Rainmaking in Dry Times

by admin 25. November 2013 21:37
By ED FINKEL Considering the consistently stagnant economy, this article suggests that struggling to acquire and retain clients could become a “new normal.” Adjusting to the economic times will allow for rainmakers to stay afloat. To do this, keep the following in mind: Deepen relationships and give your all with existing clients to heighten their satisfaction with the legal service they are receiving. Keeping current customers happy is the most efficient way to keep money coming in. Also, paying close attention to clients could lead to more referrals by word of mouth. Elimi... [More]

Mixing Business With Pleasure: Men Do It. Why Do Women Hesitate?

by admin 30. October 2013 19:27
It seems that many women agree that their networking circles are not nearly as profitable as those of their male counterparts, "The Brotherhoods." But if this is true, why? Anne Doyle discusses the female hesitation toward making the "risky" business leap within their own circles. Is this hesitation warranted, and would you welcome business conversation within a leisurely network? Or do you think it's "time for The Sisterhood to take another page from The Brotherhood's playbook" and take the risk in "giving a 'sister' some business?" [More]

Why You Need to Read This Blog Every Month

by admin 10. June 2013 09:57
Are you a good writer? How to tell—and why you should care. [More]


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