Make Time for Mentoring

by admin 25. November 2013 22:09
By LAURA STACK Think mentoring is a one-way street? Read this article to see how taking on a green individual interested in gaining experience can be beneficial for the both of you. Click here to keep reading

Talk a Good Game

by admin 24. July 2013 12:22
Melanie Berkowitz writes about a time when speaking up and challenging a partner helped her stop thinking like a law student—and start thinking like a lawyer. [More]

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Melanie Berkowitz | Write to the Point

Why Mentoring is a Must

by admin 10. July 2013 09:21
Leslee's first mentor was tough: Sometimes learning from him meant being handed a new statute to conquer and being called down to respond to rapid-fire questions regarding that statute the very next day—in the corner office and in front of a client, who was typically the CEO of a publicly traded company.

It made her the lawyer she is today. [More]


Leslee Cohen | Life on the Lattice

My Patchwork Mentor

by admin 8. July 2013 13:44
Nicole Auerbach didn't have a mentor—she had many. This month she shares insights on creating a "patchwork mentor"—and always looking for opportunities to learn from others. [More]


Insights from the Corner Office | Nicole Auerbach

Dear Jane: How Do I Find a Mentor?

by 352admin 28. February 2013 13:43
Dear Jane, I want a mentor. What do I do – just walk up to someone and say, “Will you be my mentor?” Signed, Mentor-less [More]

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Dear Jane

Dear Jane: My Mentor's Just Not Into Me

by 352admin 28. February 2013 13:29
Dear Jane, I have a mentor who was assigned to me through the firm’s formal mentoring program. My mentor has never called me. Signed, Hoping and Waiting [More]

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Dear Jane

Dear Jane: I Don't Have Time to be Mentored

by 352admin 28. February 2013 12:06
Dear Jane, The women’s affinity group at my firm is initiating a formal mentoring program for the women associates. I don’t have time to do one more thing. Plus, I don’t want to be involved in a “remedial” effort. Signed, I’m Doing Fine On My Own [More]

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Dear Jane

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