Keep Quiet About an Offensive Comment?

by admin 10. June 2014 10:15
Dear Jane, I was recently at a firm lunch and one of the partners in the group I was chatting with before lunch made an "awkward" comment that offended me as a woman. I did not do anything at the time, nor did anyone else. First thing I did when lunch was over was go to see my best friend at the firm and tell him about the comment. Sincerely, Wish I Had Said Something  Dear Wish I Had Said Something, You did say something; you made sure your friend knew about the comment. Unless you talked to your friend to get the courage to "report" the comment to the office managing partner, your ... [More]

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Dear Jane: Face-Time Faux Pas

by admin 30. May 2013 06:00
Dear Jane, I walked into a team meeting yesterday, and the partner on the matter sarcastically asked, “Do you still work here?” I was taken aback and did not respond, but the comment is eating at me. My hours are good, and everyone loves my work, so it must be based on my lack of “face time” in the office. What should I do? Signed, I’m Not As Productive Working in the Office [More]

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