Don't Waste Your Time on Distrust

by dsnider 29. April 2014 13:07
Managing your time doesn't only mean prioritizing and organizing. Your attitudes can also hold you back. In this week's Suit Yourself blog, Debra Snider makes the case for choosing trust over distrust. [More]

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Debra Snider | Organization and Time Management | Suit Yourself

How to Avoid Unproductive Meetings

by admin 17. October 2013 09:47
Have you ever spent a company meeting texting someone across the room, shopping, working on something unrelated or simply staring at the ceiling? Then you have been a victim (or the benefactor, depending how you see it) of an unproductive meeting! It's a story we are all too familiar with. We have all attended meetings with no agenda, only directionless squabbling or chatter. But probably the most resented of meetings is one of a droning presentation that could have been sent in an e-mail. Either way, learning how to plan an effective meeting in addition to spotting an unproductive one from a... [More]

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Dear Jane: Face-Time Faux Pas

by admin 30. May 2013 06:00
Dear Jane, I walked into a team meeting yesterday, and the partner on the matter sarcastically asked, “Do you still work here?” I was taken aback and did not respond, but the comment is eating at me. My hours are good, and everyone loves my work, so it must be based on my lack of “face time” in the office. What should I do? Signed, I’m Not As Productive Working in the Office [More]

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