Projecting the Right Image: Mother vs Attorney

by admin 10. September 2013 09:10
Are women distracted by family and personal lives in the workplace? This week Leslee discusses the importance of projecting a professional image on the job. But that doesn't mean you still can't think about your kids once and a while! [More]

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Leslee Cohen | Life on the Lattice

The Business Case for a Happy Face

by admin 11. June 2013 09:42
A quick chat with author and career coach, Vicky Oliver, who talks with The Legal Balance about finding success by being ... happy. [More]

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Expert Quick Chat

A Middle Office with a View

by admin 10. June 2013 09:59
Nicole Nehama Auerbach kicks off her stint as our "Insights from the Corner Office" columnist with some keen advice—and a bit of a disclaimer. Read on about how taking a risk paid off for her. [More]

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Insights from the Corner Office | Nicole Auerbach

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