Wield, Don't Yield, Your Power

by dsnider 10. December 2013 09:00
Too much of what's written about time management and work/life balance misses the mark, Legal Balance writer and mentor DEBRA SNIDER tells us. In Suit Yourself, which debuts on The Legal Balance today, the former general counsel of Heller Financial gives it to us straight. [More]

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Debra Snider | Suit Yourself

Get the Best ROI on Your Time: Process vs. Personal Control

by dsnider 25. October 2013 11:27
How much time do you spend adjusting document margins and spacing rather than actually writing the document? Or doing other tasks you add little value to that could be better handled by someone with different skills or by a reusable process or tool? Listen to Debra Snider as she tells us how relinquishing personal control over tasks you aren't the best person to handle will not only improve results, but also give you the best ROI on your own time and efforts. [More]

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Debra Snider | Suit Yourself

Make Time Work For You, Not Against You

by dsnider 27. September 2013 12:38
Juggling our everyday responsibilities is always a challenge, but what if our daily routine weren't such a stressful juggling act? Debra Snider shows us how to manage our time without dropping the ball or wasting time on less important tasks. [More]

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Debra Snider | Suit Yourself

Running a Tight Schedule

by admin 27. June 2013 15:58
Dear Jane, The weather is getting nicer, and I’d love to take advantage of it. I’m thinking about joining a running club, but I’m afraid that I’ll miss more runs than I’ll make. Am I crazy to even consider this activity?
Still Don’t Have Much Control Over My Time [More]

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Dear Jane | Life & Balance

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