Raising Teens: One Working Mom's Honest Perspective

by admin 17. October 2014 07:27
BY LESLEE COHEN Given that my blog is called “Life on the Lattice” and is supposed to address work-life balance issues, I will focus on the balance issue this month.  When my partner and I started our firm four years ago, it suddenly became incumbent upon me to build a book of business, something I had never even attempted before.  (As my regular readers know, my resulting constant refrain to young women is to build that book starting from day one by keeping in close touch with your college and law school colleagues and being a giver when out there in the world network... [More]


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5 Tips for Getting Back to Work After Vacation

by Shelbynscott 30. July 2014 09:40
Sometimes it feels like the stress of going on vacation outweighs the relaxation you deserve! It has even been a topic of discussion in our forums. Whether it's work piling up or that fear of missing out that's eating away at you all week, vacation is stressful. But it is also necessary for your work-life balance. Go on vacation without worrying about your return. Read up on Forbes' advice on how to manage your return to work.   You can access the article here.


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Chicago Chef Wins James Beard Rising Star Award

by Shelbynscott 9. June 2014 10:15
Looking for a great place to take a client? Check out The Purple Pig. It's creator, Jimmy Bannos Jr. just won the James Beard Award for rising stars in the culinary field. He now joins the ranks of legendary restauranteurs such as New York City's David Chang (see him on his own show Mind of a Chef, available for streaming on Netflix) and Chicago's own Paul Kahan. You can read a great article about it here.


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