Welcome to 3 New Members!

by Shelbynscott 12. August 2014 13:57
We'd like to welcome to our community 3 new members! Here's a little about them:   Jennifer Guimond-Quigley is a family attorney with her own practice, Law Office of Jennifer Guimond-Quigley. Maria Berger has her own practice, Berger Law Firm LLC, which specializes in a wide range of practices. Stephanie Scharf is a principal at Scharf, Banks, Marmor, LLC and a former president of the National Association of Women Lawyers!


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Tiered Entity Webinar

by Shelbynscott 1. July 2014 11:44
"Tiered Flow Through Entities" Presented by Jennifer Zimmerman, Howood Markus & Berk; and Joanna Simek, Wolf & Company LLP Two Part Series*: Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 and Wednesday, August 6, 2014 11am-12pm (Central) *Attend one or both webinars Description: Businesses own other businesses for many reasons, including segregation of liabilities, investment opportunities, and division of brands or business lines. In the increasingly complicated state tax world, flow-through entities owned by oher entities can create a wealth of additional reporting requirements and complaince compl... [More]


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The Women's Treatment Center Benefit

by Shelbynscott 19. June 2014 11:23


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Referrals from the TLB Community

by elizabethsfrank 27. May 2014 09:12
Tired of scouring the web for a referrals that is local and accountable? Each Week the Legal Balance gets requests and suggestions for business, parent related, and miscellaneous referrals. Scroll through the wide range of categories here to get access to where our community is talking about and reviewing the go to places and products in Chicago! Take a peek for a reference, your own suggestions, or start your own conversation and help make our community grow.   Babysitters: YMCA American Nanny and Home Care Food Delivery: CJK Foods Job Recruiters: Leanne Berry of Momcorps Alla... [More]

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Baby Steps and a Big Winner

by Becky Gillespie 17. June 2013 09:48
We know that it isn't easy to find the time, and even courage, to be among the first to reach out and talk.

That's why we are especially grateful to the fabulous Legal Balance members who helped get the conversation started last week by posting in our Open Forum. Women like lorelei999, LHedges, Wimsey, Jami Gekas, kmacfadden, aberger, Emily N. Masalski and dsaper, who are among the members who took just a few moments last week to reach out and say hi. They, like all of you, are pioneers and leaders who are willing to invest in this mission because they understand the payoff. These important first steps will help create an environment where the community of women lawyers can come together to share and refer business, connect with mentors, advocate for common causes, and offer each other support. It take time to build trust, but we know that each day and each interaction counts. [More]

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The Heart of Our Mission

by Becky Gillespie 12. June 2013 15:06
Relationships matter. Community matters. This community matters.

And it's at the very heart of our mission: to create a space where women lawyers can come together to share and refer business, to advocate as a group for causes they believe in, to exchange ideas, and to connect with mentors and resources that will help them achieve their professional goals. Of course community isn't something that just happens; trust takes time to build.

Are you in? [More]



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