Does Sales Training for Lawyers Work?

by admin 4. February 2014 12:27
Is your law firm or business-to-business company looking to grow its revenue? Increase sales? Gain recognition in the marketplace? Philip Krone's management and marketing consulting firm Productive Strategies, Inc. can help! Read on to find out more. [More]


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3 Keys to PPC Management for Lawyers--and Anyone Bidding on Highly Competitive Terms

by admin 4. February 2014 11:59
Pay-per-click, better known as PPC, isn't for every business and Kristi Kellog tells us why. [More]

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SEO for Lawyers: 4 Tips to Get New Clients Through Your Website

by admin 22. January 2014 02:46
BY KRISTI KELLOGG Before you hire that contractor or web designer to work on search engine optimization for your business site, take a look at Kristi's four tips. She tells us about four do-it-yourself ways you can improve your site's traffic, and surprisingly, the big secret lies very close to home, literally. Make some moves and make your business more accessible than you every though it could be!  Check out her tips!

Rainmaking in Dry Times

by admin 8. January 2014 13:48
Eliminate outdated advertising and once-successful businesses will begin to gather new clients, even in dry times. Today, 56% of business comes from the internet! This is just one of many changes businesses today need to accept. Ed Finkel provides tips like these and many more to help you keep your business afloat in our stagnant economic climate. See what he has to say! [More]


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Self-Evaluations Do's and Don’ts--An Excerpt From "Getting There: Achieving Career Success as a Woman"

by admin 7. January 2014 15:28
Andrea Kramer and Alton Harris are pros when it comes to Negotiating Compensation, and now, they combine their perspectives to reveal their take on gender differences in self-evaluation! Read as they describe some ways women might be contributing to a compensation gap and how you might improve your own self-evaluation style. [More]


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Building Your Book of Business

by admin 7. January 2014 11:10
Is networking one of your priorities? If not, maybe it should be. Read as Leslee describes her own early networking challenges, current strategies, and advice for the newbie. Despite the cost, Leslee claims early and consistent networking can pay off very handsomely. [More]


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How Can I Get More Stand Up Roles?

by admin 6. January 2014 10:05
Dear Jane, During my last review, I was told that I need more “stand up” roles.  Ever since then I’ve been asking for “stand up” roles and I’ve yet to get any. Sincerely, Is This A Message?   Dear Is This A Message, How are you asking? Are you sending the same email once a week? If so, I’m not surprised that isn’t working. Instead, figure out (1) who is the most likely partner in the department to have stand up roles in a matter he/she is working on, and (2) among those partners, with whom do you have the best relationship? Make a... [More]


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Top 5 Bars for Networking in Chicago

by msullivan12 11. December 2013 13:33
It's time for some holiday cheer! Bars for networking? Yes, please! See why these 5 bars are ideal for expanding your network on casual terms and are suited for a wide-variety of ages. Read more...


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Make Time for Mentoring

by admin 25. November 2013 22:09
By LAURA STACK Think mentoring is a one-way street? Read this article to see how taking on a green individual interested in gaining experience can be beneficial for the both of you. Click here to keep reading

Networking in a New City

by admin 25. November 2013 21:49
When you move to an unfamiliar city and literally don’t know a soul, unconventional methods of branching out may need to be taken. Don’t let the challenge of being in a new city prevent you from the new people and new opportunities that await. Click here to read on

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