10 Ways to Say 'No' That Won't Damage Your Business Relationships

by admin 15. January 2015 08:35
Saying no is always difficult, but doing so in a positive way takes a truly sensitive and tactful professional. Simple strategies like postponing a response or checking your calendar can project a sense of mindful deliberation. Read on to get your strategy down pat and your schedule freed up from clutter.

The More Time Dads Spend with Kids, The Happier They Are at Work

by admin 15. January 2015 08:10
Most women experience a pay cut when they have children either because they work less, take maternity leave, or choose to take on a lower paying, less demanding job. How does the "motherhood penalty" come to be, and how is it related to an opposite outcome for men? Read on to examine the comparison between motherhood and fatherhood and what it means for a career-minded family.


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10 Things to Do Every Workday

by admin 10. December 2014 11:08
We've all experienced that feeling you get when you weren't able to accomplish all your goals for the day. It can be daunting to go through the day with so much on your plate. Maybe one way to improve your sense of accomplishment is to set more realistic goals. Read on to learn how a list of 10 goals a day can work wonders to lower your expectations of yourself while also increasing your productvitity.  Read more!


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Why You May Be Trying to Up Your Productivity the Wrong Way

by admin 12. November 2014 22:54
We all have our own way of managing our many responsibilities and setting the goals for the day, but let's face it, the perfectionist within says you can do better. Don't take it personally, but you can do better! We all can! Just give it a shot. Check out these useful tips in taking on your daily goals, sidetracking the inevitable distractions and coming this much closer to your rainmaking destiny! Read more.


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You're Going about Productivity All Wrong

by Shelbynscott 12. November 2014 14:24
"Success comes down to two things: how we manage our minds and how we manage our days. This is one of the principles shared by Brendon Burchard, a No. 1 New York Times best-selling author and founder of High Performance Academy. Burchard, named by Larry King as "one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world," says that most people have productivity all wrong." Learn more about what Burchard has to say here.


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Leadership: Good For Your Firm, Good For You

by dsnider 27. August 2014 13:45
Do you doubt you're in a position to make changes and be a leader? Think again. Leadership is a powerful way to get the most from your time and effort, and in this week's Suit Yourself blog, Debra Snider guides you through the steps to becoming the kind of leader who not only makes work better, but who also gets noticed and rewarded, regardless of your position in the hierarchy. [More]


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Contribution is What Matters Most

by dsnider 19. June 2014 11:15
Are you counting on good work alone to get you to the finish line? If so, you're not working strategically. According to Debra Snider, you’ll get farther and save time by becoming a high-impact performer. Learn how in this month's Suit Yourself blog. [More]


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Don't Waste Your Time on Distrust

by dsnider 29. April 2014 13:07
Managing your time doesn't only mean prioritizing and organizing. Your attitudes can also hold you back. In this week's Suit Yourself blog, Debra Snider makes the case for choosing trust over distrust. [More]

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