7 Ways Successful People Build Exceptional Professional Relationships

by admin 15. January 2015 07:51
We all can use that quick refresher to maintain the top-of-the-mind relationship-building strategy and mindset. These 7 simple tips come in handy especially when we're bogged down with work and we just need to take a breather and smell the opportunity to engage those around us. Read more!


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10 Things to Do Every Workday

by admin 10. December 2014 11:08
We've all experienced that feeling you get when you weren't able to accomplish all your goals for the day. It can be daunting to go through the day with so much on your plate. Maybe one way to improve your sense of accomplishment is to set more realistic goals. Read on to learn how a list of 10 goals a day can work wonders to lower your expectations of yourself while also increasing your productvitity.  Read more!


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Ways to Say 'No' More Effectively

by admin 20. March 2014 06:34
Research studies have shown that people will say "yes" to a request simply because saying "no" makes them even more uncomfortable. But is saying no more challenging for women? Maybe, but saying 'no' is a useful skill for anyone to have have in a negotiation. and more importantly, if you want to succeed setting healthy boundaries is crucial. Read Elizabeth Bernstein's tips for how you can brush off difficult requests.


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