10 Ways to Say 'No' That Won't Damage Your Business Relationships

by admin 15. January 2015 08:35
Saying no is always difficult, but doing so in a positive way takes a truly sensitive and tactful professional. Simple strategies like postponing a response or checking your calendar can project a sense of mindful deliberation. Read on to get your strategy down pat and your schedule freed up from clutter.

The More Time Dads Spend with Kids, The Happier They Are at Work

by admin 15. January 2015 08:10
Most women experience a pay cut when they have children either because they work less, take maternity leave, or choose to take on a lower paying, less demanding job. How does the "motherhood penalty" come to be, and how is it related to an opposite outcome for men? Read on to examine the comparison between motherhood and fatherhood and what it means for a career-minded family.


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7 Ways Successful People Build Exceptional Professional Relationships

by admin 15. January 2015 07:51
We all can use that quick refresher to maintain the top-of-the-mind relationship-building strategy and mindset. These 7 simple tips come in handy especially when we're bogged down with work and we just need to take a breather and smell the opportunity to engage those around us. Read more!


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Why You May Be Trying to Up Your Productivity the Wrong Way

by admin 12. November 2014 22:54
We all have our own way of managing our many responsibilities and setting the goals for the day, but let's face it, the perfectionist within says you can do better. Don't take it personally, but you can do better! We all can! Just give it a shot. Check out these useful tips in taking on your daily goals, sidetracking the inevitable distractions and coming this much closer to your rainmaking destiny! Read more.


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12 Rules of Highly Effective Networkers

by admin 12. November 2014 22:29
Whether we like it or not, we all need to make new connections to move forward. And maybe proper networking isn't necessarily about trying to make a sale or even perceiving a potential sale but rather, it is a habit that raises your potential for finding that next lead. Learn to establish the right positive networking habits. Think of these 12 rules as proper etiquette as opposed to networking habits, and growing your professional network may not be as daunting.


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Feeling Out of Place

by admin 12. November 2014 14:37
Dear Jane, I just started working at a big law firm after having been in the firm’s summer program.  Within my first three months at the firm, I have been mistaken for a secretary twice. Sincerely,           Feeling Like I’m in the Wrong Place   Dear Feeling Like I’m in the Wrong Place,          I truly do not mean to indicate that the presumption made about your status is acceptable, but let’s focus on what you can do, as that is the only part of the scenario which ... [More]


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Highly Effective Networking

by Shelbynscott 12. November 2014 14:33
"Despite casual dress and informal conversation, there are still unspoken rules of networking that should be followed if you don't want to offend. It's easy to scoff and assume the rules no longer apply, but most likely, if you are breaking the rules below, you are offending a few people and they just won't tell you. Worse, they're not likely to do business with you either." See the 12 rules so you don't break them here.


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You're Going about Productivity All Wrong

by Shelbynscott 12. November 2014 14:24
"Success comes down to two things: how we manage our minds and how we manage our days. This is one of the principles shared by Brendon Burchard, a No. 1 New York Times best-selling author and founder of High Performance Academy. Burchard, named by Larry King as "one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world," says that most people have productivity all wrong." Learn more about what Burchard has to say here.


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SBACNow Quarterly Venture Pitch Event

by Shelbynscott 12. November 2014 14:17
Looking for an opportunity to invest in something? The SBACNow Venture Pitch Event features multiple start-up and growth mode businesses pitching their concepts to potential investors and advisors.  Keynote speaker is Rajeev Chopra, President of The MIS Department, Inc.  We have also have an esteemed panel of judges.  This will be another exceptional evening of networking and entertainment! Details: 120 S. Riverside Plaza, 14th Floor, Chicago, ILNovember 13, 20145:30 - 8:30pm Contact Leslee M. Cohen for further information, lcohen@hershco.com


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Closing the Deal: Ten Steps to Take Now

by admin 30. October 2014 06:14
Closing a deal is not something that comes naturally, but as the women rainmakers of the world, it's our job to get it done! What are you doing right and where can you improve your game? The American Bar Association shares their ten steps to take your negotiations to the next level. Read on as Roxana Bacon walks us through them.


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