It's Not About What You Want—It's About Why You Want It

by admin 26. June 2013 10:36
Debra knew a partner who loved bringing in new clients for his firm. But it wasn't the resulting revenue or prominence that made this so satisfying; this lawyer was motivated by the thrill of the hunt.

Might seem like a small difference, but knowing the "why" is a big part of success. As Debra tell us: "my former partner is not someone who should prioritize making money for the firm or even doing legal work for the client. He should prioritize the hunt. The more time he spends seeking new clients and honing his hunting skills, the happier he will be and the more clients he will get. He might be just as satisfied hunting new customers for a business as new clients for his law firm. He might also find satisfaction in becoming a safari photographer or even an actual hunter." [More]

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