All the Right Moves from Andrea Kramer

by admin 12. November 2013 12:26

Andrea S Kramer, a nationally recognized lawyer in tax at McDermott Will &Emery LLP, founding member of the Diversity Committee, esteemed author, and philanthropist, gives expert advice through contributions to a recently published ABA guide, “What You Need to Know About Negotiating Compensation.” The guide explores how women can acquire what they want in the workplace by asking for what they deserve. Prefacing this credible advice are Kramer’s articles regarding habitual tendencies women have that deter their chances of being promoted simply because of the subconscious implications of these characteristics. The WBAI published a series of Kramer’s articles outlining:

  • Women downplay their achievements. Women must own their successes and carefully describe their accomplishments. Women are entitled to certain Bragging Rights
  • Immediately asking questions and acting tentatively about the scope of assignments can be seen as incompetence. Act confidently and follow up later to ensure that you and your superior are on the same page.
  • Take up space during meetings, only nod when in concurrence, and lean back rather than forward to establish your power. Body language that closes your body in projects passiveness.
  • Only allow your anger to show in a direct, concise manner but avoid getting emotional; keep a slow, low tone of voice.
  • Do not apologize repeatedly. Do not initiate a question with a self-degrading comment such as “maybe I’m wrong but…” Do not overplay small mistakes.

For further explanations of Kramer’s points and a complete list of “Self Evaluation Dos and Don’ts,” check out the WBAI newsletter. Her practical advice can propel women towards equality and instill confidence in established lawyers who are too modest and hesitant to be aggressive in seizing the opportunities they deserve.


*Kramer is currently working on a book about the rules for gender communication that addresses issues that professional women face

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