Rainmaking in Dry Times

by admin 25. November 2013 21:37


Considering the consistently stagnant economy, this article suggests that struggling to acquire and retain clients could become a “new normal.” Adjusting to the economic times will allow for rainmakers to stay afloat. To do this, keep the following in mind:

  • Deepen relationships and give your all with existing clients to heighten their satisfaction with the legal service they are receiving. Keeping current customers happy is the most efficient way to keep money coming in. Also, paying close attention to clients could lead to more referrals by word of mouth.
  • Eliminate outdated advertising. Nowadays a huge chunk of business—56% to be exact, comes from customers searching for a firm via the internet. Thus, advertising with Yellow Pages and similar resources is just not practical anymore.
  • Don’t let your physical presence diminish completely. It is still imperative that to speak or be seen at events
  • Remember to show your appreciation for senior members who have assisted you previously. If they send you referrals, be sure to reciprocate a favor to prolong the symbiosis. 
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