How do I Fix a Partner's Negative Perception of my Work Ethic?

by admin 6. December 2013 10:09

Dear Jane,

I am working on a massive due diligence project and listen to my ipod through earphones as I’m working on my computer.  A partner on the team was visibility taken aback when he walked into my office and I had to pull the ear buds out to talk to him.


Just Trying To Stay Focused


Dear Just Trying To Stay Focused,

Lawyers are in the business of selling judgment – both inside and outside the firm. What you described is a classic generational disconnect that results in a judgment being made about you.  It is not fair, but there is a high likelihood that the partner’s perception of you was negatively impacted because he thought it was not appropriate for you to have on headphones while working. What do you do now? Make a real effort to be positively visible to him on the matter vis-à-vis timely high quality work and extraordinary responsiveness.

Jane DiRenzo Pigott is the managing director of R3 Group LLC, specializing in working with professional service organizations on leadership and change in connection with diversity and inclusion. Before founding R3 Group, she practiced law for more than two decades at large law firms where she chaired a practice group, served on the executive management and compensation committees, and founded and ran diversity initiatives and affinity groups.


Dear Jane

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