What Says Success to You?

by Becky Gillespie 10. June 2013 10:10

Sometimes the corner office isn't the only office worth wanting.

A middle office with a better view might be what we want. Or a smaller office, or an office at home—or even no office at all. As one writer shared last week, success is all about knowing how to suit yourself. Today we continue the conversation: Will you visit the Open Forum, introduce yourself—and tell us what says "success" to you? It can be a job, a feeling, a certain level of financial security, or even just a single word that represents this concept. Be creative. 

In our Open Forum, you can also weigh in on whether law firm women's initiatives work—Legal Balance member and blogger Nicole Auerbach was quoted in a recent ABA Journal story that examines this—and how to maintain part-time hours. 

Keep reading for the latest original content. And, if this is your first visit, welcome.


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