Meet the Rainmakers

by Becky Gillespie 12. June 2013 15:41

One of our goals for The Legal Balance is to create a strong community in which women feel comfortable and confident sharing and referring business. Right now, we're at the start, and we're hoping you all will play a part in helping nurture our fledgling group.

In the meantime, though, we asked some of our featured Rainmakers to share some insights on how to begin. 

Some snippets:

  • "I think that for women to advance, we have to learn how to consider other women for business just like men do."
  • "The big secret: Ask for the work!"
  • "You need to maintain and nurture these relationships, serve as a resource to one another, provide helpful insight where applicable, act as a sounding board, and make the effort to give of your time to foster these connections."
Visit our Rainmakers page to read more—and visit our Open Forum to and post a message offering insight of your own. 


Mentoring, Networking & Business Development

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