The Heart of Our Mission

by Becky Gillespie 12. June 2013 15:06

Relationships matter. Community matters. This community matters.

And it's at the very heart of our mission: to create a space where women lawyers can come together to share and refer business, to advocate as a group for causes they believe in, to exchange ideas, and to connect with mentors and resources that will help them achieve their professional goals. Of course community isn't something that just happens; trust takes time to build. 

We are prepared to work at this, taking one baby step after another until we've achieved momentum. We believe this is worth it because a strong community is a powerful thing. 

Are you on board?

Please take one baby step today: Visit our Open Forum right now and introduce yourself—and then weigh in on one of the topics posted. Or, better yet, ask your own question. The important thing is to start the conversation; everything else will grow from there.

As a thank you to those who help get the party started: Each member who posts in our Open Forum before 10 a.m. Monday will be entered to win a prize. (Details to be announced very soon).

Happy chatting!




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