Baby Steps and a Big Winner

by Becky Gillespie 17. June 2013 09:48

We know that it isn't easy to find the time, and even courage, to be among the first to reach out and talk.

That's why we are especially grateful to the fabulous Legal Balance members who helped get the conversation started last week by posting in our Open Forum. Women like lorelei999, LHedges, Wimsey, Jami Gekas, kmacfadden, aberger, Emily N. Masalski, and dsaper, who are among those who took just a few moments last week to reach out and say hi. They, like all of you, are pioneers and leaders who are willing to invest in this mission because they understand the payoff. These important first steps will help create an environment where the community of women lawyers can come together to share and refer business, connect with mentors, advocate for common causes, and offer each other support. It take time to build trust, but we know that each day and each interaction moves us closer to the goal. 

Congratulations to Legal Balance member Wimsey, who won this week's raffle: a pair of gorgeous earrings by Andie K Wearable Art. As a special gift for all of you, Andie K is offering Legal Balance members a 20% discount on all wearable art pieces through the end of 2013. Simply use the code LEGAL2013 when ordering online. (Offer valid until midnight on Dec. 31, 2013). Andie K combines unexpected materials—bone, wood, glass, semiprecious and precious stones—from around the world to create one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by her personal crusade to empower women and promote gender equality. This combination of signature elements distinguishes Andie K as elegant, refined—storied. Andie K designs to celebrate connections between people, continents, centuries: connections that have reminded us, through an art so simple, of our shared humanity.

Stay tuned for another raffle later this week. In the meantime, join the other pioneers and leaders who have already introduced themselves in our Open Forum and be a part of creating momentum.

Together, we'll make a difference. 

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