Develop a Niche, Market Yourself and Be Efficient

by Becky Gillespie 1. July 2013 08:23

No job is ever completely safe in this economic climate, but Legal Balance members and leaders say there are steps lawyers can take to make their jobs more secure.

In a discussion on The Legal Balance last week, law firm partners suggested that associates be proactive—perhaps by developing a niche that is needed by her firm or practice group, thinking about and discussing her business plan with partners, or seeking work outside her comfort zone. 

"If you 'grab the bull by its horn,' you will feel more in charge of your career and your life and be happier, which, by the way, also will help you to retain your job," said Regine Corrado, a principal partner at Baker & McKenzie.

Marketing oneself is also key, even though it takes extra time. "Don't fly under the radar," another member said. "Make yourself and your accomplishments known by being visible and vocal at the right times."

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