The Firm Gossip?!

by elizabethsfrank 15. May 2014 17:01

Dear Jane,

My mentor, with whom I have a great relationship, recently took me out to lunch to tell me that I've developed the reputation of being a "gossip". I was barely able to keep from crying at the time and now thinking about it makes me so angry it almost brings me to tears.


I Want to Find Out Who Started that Rumor

Dear I Want to Find Out Who Started that Rumor,

Time for some honest introspection. Are you a gossip? If you are a gossip, stop it immediately. If you can honestly say you are not a gossip, then you need to talk to your mentor about why you are being perceived as such. You need to approach this conversation without being angry or defensive if you expect to get some honest feedback. Develop a game plan to address these misperceptions with your mentor and keep your mentor up to speed on the implementation of the game plan. Your mentor's ability to accurately talk about you is one of your best "weapons" to cure the problem. 

Jane DiRenzo Pigott is the managing director of R3 Group LLC, specializing in working with professional service organizations on leadership and change in connection with diversity and inclusion. Before founding R3 Group, she practiced law for more than two decades at large law firms where she chaired a practice group, served on the executive management and compensation committees, and founded and ran diversity initiatives and affinity groups.

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