Help! My Admin is a Nightmare!

by admin 17. October 2014 07:48

Dear Jane,

I am a more junior associate with a crushing workload. My admin is openly disrespectful to me and prioritizes my work last.


I Don't Have Time For This

Dear I Don't Have Time For This,

Relationships require two people. First, examine your behavior and look for ways in which you may be contributing to the ineffective relationship you currently have with your admin. Be honest with yourself! Then arrange a time to sit down and have a discussion with your admin. Come prepared with a list of your expectations and create an environment where you can honestly discuss those expectations and her reactions to them. Solicit constructive feedback and agree on some action items. It is worth investing the time in creating an effective working relationship with your admin – she can be a material contributor to your efficiency and effectiveness.

Jane DiRenzo Pigott is the managing director of R3 Group LLC, specializing in working with professional service organizations on leadership and change in connection with diversity and inclusion. Before founding R3 Group, she practiced law for more than two decades at large law firms where she chaired a practice group, served on the executive management and compensation committees, and founded and ran diversity initiatives and affinity groups.


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