I Travel a Lot for a Client. Can I Charge Them for Upgrades?

by admin 19. February 2014 12:23

Dear Jane,

I travel a lot for a big client of the firm.  Many of the trips are after a very long day of working and I continue to work on the plane.  Whenever I can, I use upgrades that I’ve purchased to fly first class even though I’ve purchased a coach seat.  Can I charge the cost of my upgrades to the client?


I Work Better With Room

Dear I Work Better With Room,

What is your firm’s policy on your question?  Does the client have specific travel guidelines?  Even if neither of these prevent you from charging the client, please don’t do it until you’ve had a conversation with the billing partner about doing so.


Jane DiRenzo Pigott is the managing director of R3 Group LLC, specializing in working with professional service organizations on leadership and change in connection with diversity and inclusion. Before founding R3 Group, she practiced law for more than two decades at large law firms where she chaired a practice group, served on the executive management and compensation committees, and founded and ran diversity initiatives and affinity groups.


Dear Jane

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