Does Sales Training for Lawyers Work?

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One of our large, global law firm clients has been tracking the results of our small-group consultative sales training of their attorneys. We've trained about 50 attorneys in eight cities. The study is controlled for gender and experience.

For the full 2013 year, the gap in billings for lawyers trained in our approach, called FOCIS®, and for comparable attorneys firm-wide not trained in FOCIS was 12 percent.

For originating new work with new clients the gap was even higher—20 percent. The firm attributes these significant differences directly to our consultative sales training and is considering opening up FOCIS® to more of its attorneys.

Key Point #1: We train attorneys in consultative selling, not marketing, and there is a difference. Marketing is important because it increases credibility and visibility, but it rarely brings in revenue directly. For our 25 client firms, building better consultative selling skills and a customized sales process for their attorneys enhances their marketing efforts—in other words, it improves the ROI on their marketing.

Key Point #2: Both selling and marketing are necessary for a complete business development process. Many firms have taken the first step by investing in marketing, but few have completed the process by investing in consultative sales training. Those that have are building a powerful competitive advantage.

Effective for individual attorneys and firms of any size, FOCIS® teaches the behaviors of the very best business developers—the 20 percent who consistently bring in 80 percent of the business.

Philip Krone is the founder and President of Productive Strategies, Inc., a management and marketing consulting firm that helps law firms and business-to-business companies grow their revenues. The firm solves such problems as too few sales, not enough qualified or “ready to buy” leads, and poor recognition in the marketplace. Krone holds a B.A. from Duke and an MBA from The Kellogg School at Northwestern University and is a sponsor of The Legal Balance. He can be reached at 847-446-0008 or 


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