Time Management Tips for Moms

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By Katie Lewis

Strollers and Stilettos

The Legal Balance is thrilled to introduce our newest partner and guest blogger, Katie Lewis, kid savvy founder of Strollers and Stilettos®.

  1. Focus on doing one task at a time – When we are doing too many things at once, we lose our focus. As moms, when we get caught up in too much we get disorganized and overlook many important things in our kiddos routines. Slow down and remain focused on the task at hand.
  1. Ask for help – Don’t be afraid to utilize your friends, and even your own kids, if they are old enough. If you need help picking someone up from school, look for ways to carpool with other moms. If you need help cleaning around the house, start a chore chart for your kids. Utilize your assets.
  1. Prioritize – Pick your battles by learning to organize what you need to do now and what can wait. Think about what you can get done right away, and don’t be overwhelmed if you need to push something aside until the next day.
  1. Think ahead – Being proactive and thinking of ways you can shorten a task or cut the amount of time needed to prepare. For example, prepare for your mornings the night before.
  1. Use a family planner – Create a family planner that both you and your kids can see. This way, you won’t have to keep reminding your kiddos of certain times or play dates – they can look on the family calendar. You will also be less likely to forget certain dates because you have the rest of your family to keep you accountable.
  1. Schedule in advance – Plan dates and events far in advance so you don’t feel overwhelmed and rushed when preparing. Try using a daily and monthly planner, so you can see what days and months you have free.
  1. Monitor your time – Try tracking your time for a week to see where the majority of your time is spent. This way you can improve on areas that you need to spend less time in and shift some time elsewhere.  
  1. Start a routine – Routines mean consistency – and consistency is key for time management. By starting a routine, you’ll feel more organized and have a better idea of how to manage your time.
  1. Buy and make in bulk – To save yourself time and energy, buy things in bulk at the store so you won’t have to make as many trips. When cooking – try cooking enough for leftovers so you will have a few meals for the week instead of just one.
  1. Get up an hour earlier – It may be difficult to do, but an extra hour in the morning will be the key to helping you get a head start on the day without the distraction of your little ones. You’ll be thankful in the long run when you have countless productive mornings.

Katie Lewis is founder of Strollers and Stilettos®. Katie began her career as an elementary education teacher and nanny. While working as a nanny and household manager for busy professionals in Chicago, she began to notice a pattern among all of her families: they needed assistance in managing the many aspects that come along with having children. Katie realized the opportunity to serve a niche clientele of busy professionals, people who never seem to have enough time for the little ones who matter the most to them. Thus, Strollers and Stilettos was started with a mission to help make families' lives easier by doing the things they don't have time for or just might not want to do.  

For more information, visit strollersandstilettos.com, or email Katie at info@strollersandstilettos.com

Strollers and Stilettos
980 N. Michigan, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60611
Main: 312.768.8030. 
Skype: strollersandstilettos
Website: www.strollersandstilettos.com


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