My Mentor is Leaving!

by admin 14. May 2014 05:36

Dear Jane,

My mentor, with whom I thought I had a great relationship, just announced that he is leaving the firm and going to another firm in the city. I am devastated and feel like he's betrayed me.


Why Do I Do Now?


Dear What Do I Do Now?

Nothing you told me indicates that your mentor betrayed you, he just made the decision that another firm's platform is a better match for him and his practice. You don't indicate whether you work with him, but remember that there may be ethical issues with talking to an associate about changing firms while he is still a partner of your current firm. Please give him the benefit of the doubt and, once he is at the other firm, ask him to tell you about the reasons for his move. In addition, don't give up on him as a mentor. It is valuable to have mentors outside your firm, especially one who also knows your firm and its players. 


Jane DiRenzo Pigott is the managing director of R3 Group LLC, specializing in working with professional service organizations on leadership and change in connection with diversity and inclusion. Before founding R3 Group, she practiced law for more than two decades at large law firms where she chaired a practice group, served on the executive management and compensation committees, and founded and ran diversity initiatives and affinity groups.


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