No Matter Your Goal, Networking Should Be Genuine

by admin 22. May 2014 10:29

No Matter Your Goal, Networking Should Be Genuine

By Nancy Mackevich Glazer
Nancy Mackevich Glazer is the manager of Legal Launch LLC,
a company whose goal is to connect lawyers and legal employers.

Do you groan when you hear the word networking? You're not alone. Here's how to get pas ny superficiality at any event and reap the benefits.

Forget working a room. Instead, single out a few people you'd like to meet.

Skip the small talk. Rather, ask open-ended questions about the event's topic. After the icebreaker, you may be surprised by your conversation's value.

Follow up in a natural way. Send a related article of meeting announcemnet to continue the dialogue. Show you care about them, their family and their career. This conversation should be, and hopefully is, heartfelt. Catapult over any awkwardness with genuineness, and you may even find you enjoy the challenge of making it real.

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