Community Guidelines

The Legal Balance Forums and S-Suites are places where our members can interact and have discussions about different topics. The following rules and guidelines are enforced by administrators and moderators, and we may—without warning—delete posts that do not comply. Failure to comply with these rules or our Terms and Conditions may result in a ban from the forums or the entire site.

  1. Be yourself. You don’t need to reveal identifying information—you just can’t claim to be someone you’re not. Please don’t misrepresent your expertise or your place of employment. Don’t claim to be a client of a business or law firm when you’re really the owner or a managing partner.
  2. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t harass other members or make defamatory comments about another person. Do not post anything that is racist, violent, profane, inflammatory or abusive. By all means, engage in vigorous debate—just be respectful.
  3. Don’t post copyrighted material. If you didn’t create it, don’t post it. If you quote or reference something somebody else wrote, please give credit.
  4. Don't break the law. Don't do anything that violates federal, state or local law.
  5. Do not post personal information about other people, or reveal your own login or password.
  6. Do not collect personal information about others without their consent or for unlawful purposes.
  7. No selling. You can make business connections with individuals or respond to a request, but you can’t advertise your business or post referral links to other services in our Forums.
  8. No spamming. Do not post for the sake of forum post count. Your posts will be removed if we see you posting unhelpful or non-contributing messages.
  9. Save the drama for your mama. Please don’t complain publicly about other members, or bait other members into an argument. If a debate turns into a flame war, we may take it down.
  10. Speaking of which, The Legal Balance reserves the right to review and edit all content posted on the website and remove objectionable material.
  11. All information submitted to The Legal Balance via this site, our social media networks, or via any postal or any e-mail submission to any Legal Balance employee or volunteer, shall remain the property of The Legal Balance.