Peer-to-Peer SuccessSuites

In our Peer-to-Peer S-Suites, you create your own group and set your own agenda, with help from The Legal Balance. P2P S-Suites do not need to have an "expert" at the helm—just at least five interested members and a volunteer leader who will facillitate discussions and act as the group's point person. We'll provide the forum and the materials, including a suggested schedule and topics, a user's guide, a leader's guide and downloadable tools for tracking progress and outcomes. Your group sets the agenda and the pace. 

TIP: If you don't already have a group of interested members, post a message in our Open Forum seeking other participants. 

Some groups that might be interested in P2P S-Suites:

  • Law students
  • Attorneys from a specific law firm
  • Attorneys with a specific interest, job or practice area, such as solos, working moms or employment litigators
  • Any group of Legal Balance members interested in working together to create leveraged and profitable practices.
Already have a group of at least five Legal Balance members interested in starting an S-Suite together? Submit your request for a P2P S-Suite now.