Want work/life balance? Develop your practice. 

The Legal Balance SuccessSuites are online professional development circles for member lawyers who want to bring in more business and advance their careers. Time-efficient and effective, S-Suites help participants achieve tangible, measurable results; The Legal Balance even provides tools for tracking progress and outcomes.

We offer two options: Expert S-Suites run by high-level mentors, and Peer-to-Peer S-Suites that offer a customizable, but structured, option for small groups interested in working together. 

S-Suites are for driven, busy, smart women who are actively seeking success. They are about creating your own plan, implementing it—then communicating it in a way that demonstrates your promotion potential to leadership. And we believe you can do this even with a demanding and unpredictable schedule. Each member can visit the S-Suite at her own convenience and move at her own pace. But remember, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. The question is: How high are you willing to rise?

Get Started

  • Add your name to the waiting list to work with a top mentor in our Expert S-Suites by clicking here.
  • Let us help you start your own Peer-to-Peer S-Suite by clicking here

How Do I Know Which Type of S-Suite is Right for Me?

Both types of S-Suites offer a dedicated forum on The Legal Balance website, downloadable spreadsheets for tracking progress, an easy-to-follow structure that can be customized by mentors or leaders, and adminsitrative support from The Legal Balance. Both are free to members of The Legal Balance.

Expert S-Suites are only accessible to participants. Honesty and trust are important pieces of the mentoring relationship, so the conversations you have in your Expert S-Suite are private and viewable only by the other participants, your mentor and a member of the Legal Balance staff. 

  • Choose Expert S-Suites if your priority is to work with a top mentor to whom you wouldn't otherwise have access. These groups tend to be small, focused and more rigorous. You probably won't be able to choose the other participants, and the work is limited to a single eight-week session. Space in these groups is limited. Learn more here.
  • Choose Peer-to-Peer S-Suites if you want more flexibility, already have a group that wants to work together, have an interest in honing your own leadership skills or want to explore niche topics specific to your practice area or workplace. Learn more here.


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