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DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS. Get targeted, specific help from our exclusive cadre of experts and other members.

  • SuccessSuites: Work with top mentors in our Expert SuccessSuites, or develop your own professional development circle in our Peer-to-Peer S-Suites
  • Blogs: Our columnists are all experts in their areas. Gain valuable inside information from Insights from the Corner Office, rethink how you manage your time and your life with Suit Yourself, laugh along with our brutally honest Lawyer in the City, and more. 
  • Tips: Short on time? The Legal Balance features a mix of content, from in-depth stories to quick hits that answer your most pressing questions. Want to know how to prepare for your self-evaluation? We’ve got a tip for that.
  • Open Forum: Share ideas with other members in our exclusive members-only discussion groups.
  • Dear Jane: Submit your questions and read answers from R3 Group Managing Director Jane Pigott, our resident career development expert.

CONNECT WITH POTENTIAL CLIENTS. We make it easy to create the contacts that lead to new business, both online and through diverse, invitation-only events.

  • Forums: Network in our members-only Open Forum, where you can share and refer business with other lawyers and interact with professionals from carefully selected industries.
  • Live events: Attend in-person events where you will hear from experts and have the opportunity to network with a variety of professionals.
  • Member Profiles: Browse our reference tool to find potential contacts, referrals and referral sources.
  • Instant Chat System: Want to talk business or make lunch plans with a Legal Balance member you’ve just met? Interact privately without leaving the site

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  • In taking control. It is possible to create success and happiness by acknowledging that we each have different strengths and passions—and then making choices that honor those priorities.
  • Momentum is power. We draw energy from communities that build us up, and we say no to things that slow us down. Our members move forward by not being afraid to speak up.
  • Smart women aim for excellence, not perfection. We refuse to waste time feeling guilty, fearing failure or making heroic attempts to be everything to everyone. Perfectionism is rooted in anxiety; excellence is a product of confidence and choice.
  • Execution is as important as inspiration. Dream boards are great, but it’s what you do with those big ideas that counts.