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Multilingual Connections

Phone: (773) 292-5500

Address: 2518 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Language Training:


Deal: To all Legal Balance Members, we're happy to extend a 10% discount on all translation services and language classes at our center.  Just mention Legal Balance!

About: Multilingual Connections is a boutique, woman-owned company that helps individuals and organizations create connections within their communities and world with premier translation and language training services.

Translation Services: Whether you need to translate documents, transcribe audio files or ensure that face-to-face interactions are understood, our team of project managers and international linguists are here to provide professional, accurate, dependable and cost-effective services in over 75 languages.

Language Training Services: For those looking to develop language skills for their staff, their families or themselves, our engaging language trainers will tailor their classes to address your most pressing goals - in over a dozen languages! 

For corporate language learning, our customized classes help you develop the language and cultural competence you need for successful communication at work.

 For yourself - if you're looking to travel more meaningfully, communicate with family, connect with your heritage...or you just wish you had paid attention to your high school Spanish teacher - our ongoing weekly classes, one-day Bilingual Boot Camps and private tutoring can help you accomplish those goals.  For those with children, our language classes are designed for kids ages one and up. 

Connecting with people with different languages and cultures is easier when you have experts to rely on. Trust us to help ensure your success – no matter what your needs.

What Multilingual Clients Say:

"Absolutely love Multilingual Chicago. The space is beautiful and relaxing – there are 4 classrooms and then a cafe area with lots of seating and free coffee (really good coffee!) and tea, and free WiFi, which is great if you’re waiting for your kids to get done with class. They do language classes for adults and kids and one Sunday a month a bilingual boot camp which my friends want to try for Spanish!" 

- Bridget

"Aw, I love this place. I’m just finishing up the 8 week adult Spanish course (Intermediate 1), and can say that it was well worth the price. The space and classrooms are actually a lot cuter than expected, the teachers (and all the staff, for that matter) are lovely, and there’s free wine, tea, and snacks! Veronica was my teacher, and she was able to balance the varying speaking levels of my classmates with ease. She’s a great teacher! Sign up people! These classes are great. I’d love to try the Italian boot camp!" 

- Molly

"Multilingual Connections has done interview transcriptions and translation for our television commercials. Their speed is amazing, and it’s great to know we  can depend on the accuracy, especially when working with languages we don’t speak natively."

- Angle Park, Film and Video

"Multilingual Connections is the best translation service I have used. They are the fastest, most accurate and most reliable, and their prices are fair too. I love the fact that they can handle any regional dialect of Spanish and tailor my projects specifically for the audience. Multilingual Connections is my first choice for translations!"


"Thank you for working quickly and efficiently with our company to translate our employee handbook. I appreciate your communication throughout this process.  My expectations have been exceeded and we will definitely look to you for any future needs."

- Kalahari Resort Convention Center